Testimonials From Happy Clients

Christy is a fantastic personal trainer and I’m so thankful that I found her! Her approach to fitness and health is straight forward and no-nonsense. She is very knowledgeable and always encouraging. She was able to design a highly customized workout that aligns with my personal fitness goals while taking into consideration some physical limitations. She focuses on what I can do, and not on what I can’t. With her support, I can now do the same. Forgo the gym and get training from Christy instead. Best decision I’ve made!


Christy Gmeiner has been training my teenage son for at least a year now. We had asked Christy to work with him on speed, agility and core work and we have seen a big improvement in these areas. He plays baseball and he worked with Christy to get him ready for some very competitive tryouts and he made the team! Not only this but she works well with all ages and levels. He continues to work with Christy and really enjoys working with her. He continues to get stronger and you can see this in his playing.


Working with Christy has proven to be one of the most positive decisions I have ever made for myself and I regret that I did not do it sooner. While it has only been a few weeks, I am already seeing results. Because of the great workouts and adjustments she has made to my diet, I am feeling better than ever! Christy is extremely knowledgeable and attentive, customizing each workout for my fitness level and specific needs. At the end of every session, I always leave feeling empowered! I would recommend Christy to anybody that wants to safely and effectively reach their fitness goals.


I started training with Christy 3 months ago. She is great to work with on all levels AND she will not let you slack. I have tried other trainers in the past with limited success. I am so glad that I found Christy as she has helped and is helping me get into shape. Christy is a trainer that will push you to higher levels and is someone that I will be able to work with for a very long time.


When Christy and I started training together I had 15 pounds of baby weight to lose and a marathon to train for and a weak ankle. 10 weeks later I was as lean as I had been in 10 years, ran a 4:51 first marathon and stabilized my ankle! Life is Good!

Lisa B

Christy’s approach to fitness and health is practical and simple. She creates fitness programs to meet anyone’s needs and abilities. It’s always a great workout!!


Hi Christy,
Just want to let you know that training with you has been very encouraging for me. I’m not one that “enjoys” working out but I love your program. Thank you for your positive feedback while training with you. I really like that you change up the workouts so it’s not boring. Your workouts are challenging and I always walk away feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Keep up the good work and hope to see you next week. Work permitting. :-))


Just a quick note to thank you for you for motivation and inspiration over the past year. It was great coming to work out and knowing I didn’t have to think about what I needed to do, I just needed to do it! I’ve lost almost 50lbs during that time and know that I couldn’t have done it without you.


My name is David Jamieson, I’m 62 years old and have been active most of my life. On March 9th 2012, I had bilateral knee replacement surgery. After the required physical therapy (3weeks), I knew I wasn’t physically where I wanted to be. I contacted Christy Gmeiner and told her my goals for regaining my leg & upper body strength. Christy assessed my starting abilities and developed a comprehensive plan to ensure I reached my goals. What I find most remarkable is she has taken me from a post surgery condition to completing a 51 mile bike ride (in 3 hr 50 min) by my 3rd month out of surgery. I’m well on my way toward reaching my fitness goals. Couldn’t have done it without her.

David Jamieson

Christy has the unique ability to motivate you and make (often) rigorous exercise bearable. She is a true professional who will ensure you reach your fitness goals. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated what you’ve done for me. I can’t say I enjoyed everything but I’m glad to have had you teach me so many exercises among other things – Thank you for everything!


I highly recommend Christy if you need help reaching your fitness goals and want definitive, measurable results. I lost body fat, and over 28 lbs! I gained muscle tone, strength, endurance and flexibility! Her workouts are highly motivating, efficient, and individually tailored–and fun, fun, fun!


Christy is such a great and motivating trainer. You will become strong and confident while working with her. She is the best!

Amber S

I highly recommend Christy as a trainer. I was able to reach my goal of dropping 4 pounds and fitting into my “Mother of the Bride” dress, for my daughter’s wedding. I also developed more core than I have ever had. This new found strength has totally transformed my yoga practice, and my life. I am now able to do a headstand without any problem. It might not seem like a great accomplishment to some people, but I started working on my headstand at eighteen, and now at the age of 61 I am exploring other goals.

Bonnie P

Christy actually makes workouts enjoyable by mixing things up to keep it interesting. If you go with a friend it becomes more fun, it makes the time pass quickly, and you both get in shape. Christy will not only help you get fit or lose weight, she will teach you valuable healthy lifestyle habits that will stick with you for years to come.

Amy M

I have been athletic and “fit” my entire life. After playing 4 years of a Varsity Division I sport, I didn’t think exercising would ever be fun again nor would I ever be as fit as I was in my college years. Working with Christy was the most fun I have ever had getting in shape. My body had never felt nor looked as good as it did after working out with her. I love her enthusiastic motivation and the creative ways she taught me to achieve my fitness goals.